The Biomass Boiler Specialist in the East of England

Asgard Biomass has an established reputation in the East of England for top quality biomass boiler installations, industry leading technical expertise, and unsurpassed service and support.

At Asgard Biomass we know what we are talking about, our MD Ross Donovan has over 20 years of biomass boiler installation experience. Asgard Biomass has been established since 2004.

  • Over 20 years of boiler system design and installation
  • Unsurpassed technical advice
  • Competitive prices and value
  • Outstanding service and support
  • Asgard Biomass Managing Director Ross Donovan (MSc CEng MIMechE) personally approves each installation design
  • Free Survey, Design and Quote

 Reduce your Heating Bills

Wood pellets and wood chip are now significantly cheaper than all fossil fuels even gas. The disparity between gas and oil, and biomass will continue to widen as fossil fuel prices increase.

Renewable Heat Incentive

A generous 20 year income is available for commercial and district heat systems. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will pay out around £23,800 per annum for a 350kW system, £13,600 for a 200kW system and £7,500 for a 130kW system depending on use.

Protect The Environment

Burning fossil fuels such as gas or oil unlocks carbon trapped beneath the ground and releases it into the Atmosphere. This additional carbon is harmful in the atmosphere and is causing the dramatic changes to our climate.

We are not doing enough to reduce the excessive carbon emissions; much more will need to be done to meet the 2020 carbon reduction targets.

Burning biomass such as sustainably managed wood and energy crops means that additional carbon is not released into the atmosphere.

By choosing a biomass boiler to directly heat your commercial or domestic property you will be using the most effective of the small scale renewable technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

Asgard Biomass installs the most efficient biomass boilers on the market; typically over 95%, this means that heat is not wasted, virtually all of the heat produced is available to heat your property.

Top Quality Austrian Boilers

We supply and Install the best quality biomass boilers on the market

All boilers supplied by Asgard Biomass have a reputation for reliability and durability, and include the most efficient biomass boilers available; typically over 95%, this means that heat is not wasted, virtually all of the heat produced can be used to heat your property.


ETA_HACK_200_Touch_01ETA Heiztechnik – A Passion for Perfection

Uncompromising in their quest for top efficiency with low emissions. ETA manufacture a range of boilers with the features you would expect from one of Austria’s leading manufacturers. In addition unique features such as the one chamber rotary valve and cutting blade makes the chip boilers very forgiving of lower grade chip.

ETA produce a range of wood chip and pellet boilers from 20 to 500kW.

Find out more about our ETA range of wood chip, pellet and log boilers