Asgard Biomass Upgrades Repairs, Maintenance and Service Support

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Biomass Boiler Support

Asgard Biomass has a team of technicians qualified to service, maintain and repair every aspect of your biomass boiler installation. Our staff have installed and serviced many makes of boiler over the last 20 years. We are well qualified to identify installation and boiler running faults and recommend remedial action to get your installation running as it should.

Under Performing Biomass Systems

Are you cold? Is your biomass fuel more expensive than you expected? Are you using too much fuel? Are you receiving less RHI than you expected?

You could be missing out on valuable RHI payments because your boiler system is not delivering (or recording) the correct heat output.

We can investigate underperforming systems and provide you with options for improvement.

Service and Maintenance

We provide service and maintenance contracts. The terms of your contract will be fully tailored to your installation, your requirements and your budget. We offer packages with a range of call-out and response time options.

Design and Installation Faults

A biomass boiler, no matter how good, will not deliver its design output and the heat you expect and paid for if the system has not been properly designed. Inexperience biomass installers can make fundamental installation mistakes; we can identify design and installation problems in an underperforming system.


Repairs and Improvements – Installation Assessment Report

Call us for an Installation Assessment Report; we will come to site and document any issues we identify.

Ofgem Compliance

RHI issues? We have been preparing heat metering reports since the RHI was introduced. Call us if you have concerns about whether you are RHI compliant or have been asked by Ofgem to provide information or changes to your installation.

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