ETA Wood Chip Boilers

ETA_HACK_200_Touch_01ETA manufactures the HACK range of wood chip boilers from 20 to 330kW output. All boilers in the range adhere to the ETA philosophy; they are efficient (around 95%), require minimal energy to operate, are very reliable, and simple to operate.

All Hack boilers are designed to run on wood pellets and other energy crops such as miscanthus and willow as well as chip.

Fuel is delivered to the boiler using an auger which is attached to a spring arm agitator in the fuel store. Auger length and agitator diameter can be varied to enable optimum boiler room and fuel store design.

All the Hack boilers can be used as dedicated pellet boilers using pellet delivery systems.

Hack boilers can be installed individually or linked together in a “cascade” system; up to 3 boilers can be cascaded. All Hack boilers will modulate or decrease output to around 30% of maximum output. The cascade system means that an installation will provide a wide range of heat outputs from the combined maximum output of all boilers to 30% output of a single boiler. This allows efficient operation of an installation when less heat is required such as during summer. As an example the heat output from three 330kW boilers will range from 91kW to 999kW at 95% efficiency.

These proven and tested boilers offer very high levels of efficiency (up to 95%), low emissions, ease of use and low operating costs.

The ETA Hack control system automatically measures residual oxygen in the flue gas using lambda sensors and adjusts the fuel feed and air. This enables the boiler to accommodate for fuel of different energy density (e.g. pellet vs chip) and moisture to ensure the maximum burn efficiency possible.

ETA Hack boilers set the standard for safety with their air tight one-chamber rotary valve burn back protection.

With automatic ignition, automatic cleaning and automatic de-ashing, operating these wood chip boilers is simple and user friendly.

The fuel feed mechanism on the ETA Hack wood chip boiler is particularly robust, the boilers are designed and warranted to burn G50 as well as G30 wood chip. This is unique to the ETA range. Also, the risk of blockage and damage from oversized fuel is minimised through to the incorporation of a patented single chamber rotary valve with a replaceable knife and anvil within the fuel feed mechanism. This knife will cut through 2” sticks.

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