ETA Wood Pellet Boiler

ETA_PE-K_Touch_01ETA manufactures the ETA PE and PEK range of wood pellet boilers from 7 to 90kW output. All boilers in the range adhere to the ETA philosophy; they are efficient (around 95%), require minimal energy to operate, are very reliable, and simple to operate. (See the ETA Hack range for pellet boilers to 199kW)

ETA produce world leading pellet boilers that are technologically advanced, highly efficient and fully automated.

Wood pellet is delivered to the boiler using vacuum system. The pellets can be held in a variety of fuel storage systems including silos, internal bag systems as well as purpose built stores with augers feeding the pneumatic hoses.

ETA PEK boilers can be installed individually or linked together in a “cascade” system; up to 3 boilers can be cascaded. All the boilers will modulate or decrease output to around 30% of maximum output. The cascade system means that an installation will provide a wide range of heat outputs from the combined maximum output of all boilers to 30% output of a single boiler. This allows efficient operation of an installation when less heat is required such as during summer. As an example the heat output from two 90kW boilers will range from 27kW to 180kW at 95% efficiency.

The ETA PEK control system automatically measures residual oxygen in the flue gas using lambda sensors and adjusts the fuel feed rate and air supply. This enables the boiler to accommodate for pellets of different energy density and moisture to ensure the maximum burn efficiency possible.

ETA pellet boilers set the standard for safety with their air tight rotary valve burn back protection.

With automatic ignition, automatic cleaning and automatic de-ashing, operating these wood pellet boilers is simple and user friendly.

All ETA boilers are supplied with automatic ignition as standard. When the boiler senses a heat load, a small amount of fuel is augered into the furnace and the hot air ignition fan restarts the wood pellet boiler. If there is no heat load from the system, the biomass boiler will sense this, and go into a controlled shutdown.

ETA wood pellet boilers can be supplied with, either an auger base set (around which a plywood store can be fabricated to fit into a garage corner, loft, or any other free space), or a bag silo, available in two sizes: 3 tonnes and 5 tonnes, or an external grain type silo of varying sizes. The wood pellet boiler is linked to the store via two flexible 50mm pipes; at preset intervals a fan located within the body of the boiler will start, and draw pellets from the bulk store to the small hopper inside the boiler.

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PC 20-32

PE-K 35-90

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