Log boilers are quite different to wood chip or wood pellet systems: they are not automated, and they require manual intervention to be filled with logs once or twice daily. As such, they are typically used in conjunction with a fossil-fuelled boiler to provide base load heat. They can provide up to 80% of a system’s heat requirement.

They are more suited to:

  • Smaller systems, typically up to 60 kW.
  • Locations where logs are readily available; where the processing and handling of logs can be carried out by the owner, this can be very cost effective. However, if logs have to be bought in the costs of heat generated can be around 4.5p per kWh higher than for wood chip heating or wood pellet heating.

The main advantages of log boiler systems are:

  • They are ideal for owners who have access to logs, but not the space or the machinery to handle wood chip or wood pellet.
  • They require lower investment costs because they need no facilities for the storage and handling of fuel, other than a covered space to keep the logs dry.

Lower equipment and fuel delivery costs make logs attractive for smaller heat requirements.