Wood Pellet

Wood pellets are made from sustainably sourced dry sawdust which is compressed under high pressure. This combination of low moisture content, typically 8-10%, and high density means that wood pellets are a particularly high energy fuel; even higher than wood in its natural form.

Their high density also means that wood pellets require less storage space than wood chip and are particularly suited to installations with smaller storage capacity.

wood pellets can be supplied in both blown and bagged deliveries. The quality of wood pellets is defined by the European Standard CEN/TS 14961

The boilers supplied by Asgard Biomass use 6mm pellets which meet the European Standard CEN/TS 14961.

Many pellets suppliers provide pellets which are manufactured from 100% virgin timber, sourced from sustainably managed woodlands in the UK. This means that the raw material is transported over a relatively short distance and so has low carbon impact. Alternatively pellets are manufactured from by products of the manufacturing or construction industry

Poor quality pellets should be avoided; they can disintegrate into sawdust and cause problems in a boiler or fuel store and may have lower energy density and higher levels of contaminants.

Wood pellets cost vary depending on the amount delivered. Pellets can cost between 4 – 5 p/kWh.


A wood pellet installation has a number of advantages:

  • Smaller fuel store required, wood pellets are denser than wood chip therefore take up less room.
  • Access to storage facilities by delivery vehicles is not usually a problem; wood pellets are delivered in vehicles similar to those used to deliver oil or LPG.
  • Wood pellets flow in a similar way to fluids, therefore they can be blown or vacuumed. Pellets can be blown by delivery truck over a distance of 20 metres. So delivery trucks do not need to park directly adjacent to the store.
  • Pellet boilers vacuum pellets from the fuel store or silo to the boiler, the store can be up to 20 metres away from the boiler. This give a high degree of flexibility in siting boiler and fuel store.
  • The wood pellets boilers supplied by Asgard Biomass like our chip boilers are fully automated and ensure minimal involvement with and maximum boiler efficiency.