Case Studies

Some of our recent projects


Major Biomass Installation at Luton Borough Council Central Depot

An ETA HACK 500kW is the main heat source for 10 units at the main council depot and business park

The impressive 500kW pellet boiler was installed with two 10,000 litre buffer stores, a 9m tall, 22 tonne pellet store and an 18m free standing chimney. The boiler was connected to an existing district system and RHI compliant heat meters installed at each property.

The boiler will receive the RHI at the attractive commercial incentive rate of 5.18 p/kWh

Case Study – Luton Council Depot




Biomass Fuels Expansion at Busy Essex Farm Shop and Cafe

An ETA HACK 50 located in an existing building provides heating for farm shop, cafe and farm house.

A purpose built top loading chip store was constructed next to the boiler house with an Asgard Biomass fabricated sliding roof for ease of delivery. Wood chip is augered directly to the boiler from the 15 cubic metre store. Low cost chip supplied locally means that there are significant fuel savings.

The low cost heat supplied by a biomass system and regular RHI payments can greatly assist the profitability of a business proposal.

Case Study – Farm Shop Essex



Sunken Chip Store at Equine Rehabilitation Centre

An ETA HACK 90 located in a new shed extension provides heating for farmhouse, conference centre and equine centre.

The system was designed for easy chip delivery using a standard tipping trailer.  Wood chip is produced on an adjacent property, transported to site and tipped directly in to the sunken chip store. The chip is augured to the boiler using a 2-stage auger arrangement. .

Asgard Biomass works closely with customers to find the right fuel handling and delivery system.

Case Study – Farm, Equine, Sunken Chip Store



The Asgard Biomass Log Kiln

A fully engineered solution produces kiln dried logs profitably for a national firewood producer

Air temperature, flow rate and moisture content are continuously monitored and adjusted to maximise the efficiency of the drying process. The versatile Farm 2000 biomass boiler supplies hot water to the kiln’s fully integrated air handling unit.

A Farm 2000 HT80R log boiler was used as the primary energy unit for the Log Kilns; they are RHI compliant, and importantly utilise a readily available supply of logs as a fuel source. So in addition to receiving RHI income, low cost fuel is used to operate the boiler.

The Asgard Biomass Log kiln is available for immediate installation. Call 01767262470

Case Study – Asgard Biomass Log Kiln






District Solution for Domestic Property and Farm Shops

A 70kW ETA pellet boiler is the most convenient solution for a Suffolk farm shop complex

The boiler house and external silo pellet store are located adjacent to the farmhouse and insulated underground pipes deliver heat to a number of commercial outlets. It is anticipated that over 30 tonnes of CO produced by burning fossil fuels will now be replaced.

“The biomass installation fits well with the ethics and values of the business”

Case Study – Farm Shop Suffolk







Garden Centre and Nursery in Yorkshire

Wood pellet system replaces a number of oil boilers and extends the productive area of the garden centre.

The installation of a containerised ETA HACK 199kW pellet boiler and heat delivery system at Owl Lane Farm Nursery has significantly increased the useable area of the garden centre for plant production and retail sales.

A complete solution, fully installed and thoroughly tested before sign-off

Case Study – Garden Centre and Nursery



Historic Mill in Suffolk

Two ETA 95 kW wood pellet boiler are used to heat a country house, four holiday cottages and historic mill.

An extensive property renovation near the Suffolk coast includes a 190 kW two boiler ETA cascade system. Highly insulated underground pipe distributes heat to the properties. The biomass boilers are connected to the internet via a cat 5 cable so that the owners can access the system at any time using their laptops and smart phones.

Insulated underground pipe can be laid in trenches used for other water and power supplies to reduce cost and minimise disruption

Case Study – Letheringham Mill Suffolk



Mill boiler room and fuel store1


Cambridgeshire Farm gets Hydraulic Chip Store Roof

Asgard Biomass has designed and installed a number automatic lifting roofs for their installations

A farm house and barn restoration includes a purpose built boiler room and chip store constructed adjacent to the barn. The ETA HACK 70kW boiler enables the farmer to burn wood chip, pellet and miscanthus. For ease of loading chip, an automatic lifting roof has been designed and installed by Asgard Biomass.

An ETA HACK Chip boiler means you can choose a variety of fuels including wood chip, wood pellet and miscanthus


long view

Case Study – Northfield Farm Cambridgeshire


Bedford Business Relocation Provides Opportunity for Green Energy Upgrade

A progressive Bedfordshire business opts for an ETA HACK 199 kW pellet boiler with a Collinson external pellet silo to heat their new premises

The 20 tonne pellet silo is located adjacent to the main building and pellets are augered directly to the boiler located within. The boiler provides heating for the manufacturing facilities and office space replacing several old gas boilers.

Businesses should always consider biomass heat when replacing old oil or gas systems. In addition to being a very attractive financial proposition biomass helps to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint.


Building Photo


Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton

95kW ETA PE-K replaces poor performing biomass installation

A biomass boiler was installed in the centre some years ago. Unfortunately the boiler and installation were of poor quality and the system never really performed satisfactorily. Asgard Biomass worked with Luton Borough Council to improve the performance of the boiler however all attempts failed so it was decided to install a replacement.

Asgard Biomass has replaced a number of old or poor performing biomass boilers recently. Good quality boiler, system design and installation are vital for an efficient and reliable system.



Stockwood display


Hertfordshire Farm

A 50kW ETA pellet boiler heats farm house, attached cottage, offices and pool.

The boiler is located in one of the bays of an existing garage, wood pellets are vacuumed from a silo situated at the rear of the building. Around 60m of insulated underground pipe delivers heat to the properties.

“The house was never really warm until we installed the biomass system.”

Slaters photo


Cricket Bats and Biomass in Cambridgeshire

A 90kW ETA Hack heats a farm house cottage and workshop using chipped willow

The ETA HACK boilers have proved very popular with customers burning chipped willow, this fenland farmer has many years of using biomass boilers to heat various properties and is a strong advocate of the ETA boilers.

“The HACK boiler is more than capable of coping with the variation in chip size and moisture content”




Essex Nursing Home Turns to Biomass

A four bay garage gets a make over for two ETA 95kW wood pellet boilers and pellet store.

Biomass is the perfect solution when it comes to the high heat demands of residential and care homes. An unused building can be upgraded to house the biomass system, and highly efficient insulated underground pipe used to deliver the hot water to the home. A two boiler ETA system is a similar cost to a single boiler system and a shared flue provides extra savings.

The two boiler cascade system ensures a very flexible installation, with heat delivery from 30 to 190kW

Squeaks Graphic



Grand Designs in Essex

An award winning barn conversion, workshop and manor house are heated using an ETA 130kW Hack chip boiler

An Essex farm is predominantly using chipped willow to heat a number of buildings. The patented riving knife and single chamber valve on the ETA HACK inlet auger is proving very popular with customers who are looking for strength and reliability from a top quality Austrian boiler

ETA is fast becoming the most popular Austrian boiler range in the UK market




Bedfordshire Family Business Turns to Biomass

Asgard Biomass design a stand alone 3 metre steel chip store for fabrication by the customer

A farm house plus three additional domestic properties, workshop, potato store, and office are heated by centrally located ETA HACK 130kW biomass boiler. The steel fabrication expertise on site has been put to good use. Many Asgard Biomass customers are well equipped to take on numerous aspects of the installation including trenching, ground works and construction.

Asgard Biomass customers often undertake numerous aspects of the installation; we can provide detailed design drawings as required.



Frank Redman and Sons


ETA HACK 90 Chip and Pellet Boiler for Bedfordshire Farmer

Outbuildings are rebuilt to house boiler, chip store and buffer tanks.

An unused farm building made the ideal boiler house and fuel store. The conveniently located building was extensively rebuilt by the customer to house the boiler and equipment and was centrally located to run the underground district heating pipe to four domestic properties.

The ETA HACK range of boilers installed with a rotating agitator can burn wood chip and pellet, and miscanthus.


Clayhill Farm February 2010


ETA PE-K 90 Upgrade at Bedfordshire Family Run Farming Business

A number of buildings are being heated with heat demands varying throughout the year.

A family run farming business based at Roxhill, Bedfordshire for over 60 years is installing an ETA PE-K 90 wood pellet boiler. The boiler will be used to heat a farm house and office, 2 recently built flats and further accommodation for seasonal staff as well as a pool.

A site survey by Asgard Biomass will ensure that the boiler is sized correctly for the heat demand of the properties.




70kW Turnkey District Installation at Suffolk Farm

The entire installation including civils, trenching and property connections undertaken by Asgard Biomass.

The ETA HACK 70 wood chip and pellet boiler is providing heat and hot water to number of upgraded farm buildings and listed manor house. Full property connections undertaken by Asgard Biomass. Hot water is distributed through 150m of Calpex insulated district pipe.

Asgard Biomass can complete your entire biomass boiler installation, alternatively it may be possible to undertake much of the work yourself.


House Side and Front