Biomass Fuel Type: Wood Pellet
Average cost of Wood Pellet (per kWh): £0
Wood Pellet energy output: kWh/kg
Anticipated Annual Wood Pellet Consumption: 0 Tonnes
Anticipated Annual Wood Pellet Cost: £0.00
Annual Saving: £0.00

Based on the information provided the following RHI payments should be realistic:
Peak Load hours: 0
Peak Load Energy (kWh): 0
Tier 1 Payments (per kWh): £0
Total Annual Tier 1 Payments: £0
Off Peak Energy (kWh): 0
Tier 2 Payments (per kWh): £0
Total Annual Tier 2 Payments: £0

Total Annual Payment: £0
Anticipated Annual Cost Benefit: £0

Please note that the information provided is calculated based on assumptions around fuel and fuel usage and is provided as a guide only. Before you embark upon replacing your existing boiler you should contact us for a more accurate assessment.