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Asgard is a leading provider of biomass boiler installations and repairs, and our highly experienced engineers are all dedicated to providing the highest quality of service in the industry. We are passionate about providing an efficient, reliable and cost effective service to our customers.


We offer a full range of services for all biomass boiler installations, from design, to installation, to ongoing repairs and maintenance. Our engineers are on hand to provide you with the best advice and support to ensure that your biomass boiler is running safely and efficiently.

eta SH60 Log Burning Boiler

We recently completed a project on a country estate in Lincolnshire. The project included the installation of an Eta SH60 boiler to provide heat to several buildings, taking advantage of the estate's own production of logs. 

15000 litre Accumulator Tank
Farm 2000 HT60R Boiler
Farm 2000 HT60R Boiler
Low Loss Header and Distribution Pumps
Farm 2000 Boiler House Pipework

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In 2021, we completed a project involving the installation of a Farm 2000 HT60R Boiler System and district heating to two large farmhouses.


The boiler heats a 15,000 litre accumulator tank and two separate runs of underground pre-insulated pipework supply heat to the properties.

Farm 2000 BB254H/3 Straw Bars in need of repair
Repairing Farm 2000 BB254H/3 Straw Bars
Repairing Farm 2000 BB254H/3 Straw Bars
Finished Farm 2000 BB254H/3 Straw Bars repair

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We were able to quickly and cost-effectively repair the Straw Bars on the customer's Farm 2000 BB254H/3 boiler, providing a reliable and efficient service.


We use only the highest quality parts and tools to ensure any repair is done to the highest standard.

Pellet Dispenser Unit
Pellet Dispenser Unit mounted above boiler
Pellet Dispenser Unit mounted above boiler
1.4 Tonne Small Pellet Silo

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We are proud to have recently completed the installation of a small 1.4 tonne capacity pellet silo for an automated pellet feeding system.


This system was designed to replace the need for manually lifting and emptying 20Kg bags of pellet into the boiler, while also allowing for a blown pellet delivery. 

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