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Compliance with Heat Meter Recalibration Requirements for the Non-Domestic RH

At the end of 2022 Ofgem sent out communications confirming that every RHI participant had to recalibrate all heat meters at least every 10 years (or in line with manufacturer’s instructions where available, whichever is sooner). The 10-year start date begins from when your meters were first installed, most recently recalibrated or replaced. You may have previously received an email from Ofgem confirming this.

To comply with this requirement, you can choose to either recalibrate or replace your meter. Failure to comply will be considered a breach of your ongoing obligations and could result in payments being suspended or permanently withheld.

The recalibration option for most installations is not the most economical option and could entail the actual removal of meter/s for recalibration at the manufacturers site.

HETAS operate the MCS 040 Scheme under which Asgard Technical Services Ltd t/a ‘Asgard Biomass’ are an approved Biomass Maintenance company. As such we are able to not only carry out the installation of new heat meters, but also to carry out the necessary notification work to Ofgem to ensure that your RHI Accreditation, and therefore payments, are not disrupted.

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